About Carrier Oils

Sweet Almond: The first choice of many aromatherapists as it is good for all skin types. The best quality oils are cold pressed and filtered. Almond oil diluted with 10% of Avocado or Wheatgerm (unless the user is allergic to wheat) is good for people with dry skin, and can help relieve itching, soreness and dryness. Never mix this oil up with the steam distilled essential oil from Bitter almond, as this oil is never used in aromatherapy due to the risk of hydrocyanic acid (prussic acid) forming when the crushed kernels are macerated in water before being distilled.

Apricot Kernel: Another good for all skin types, but especially sensitive or prematurely mature skin.

Avocado: Used as an addition to other base oils, 10% to 25%. It is good for eczema and dry, dehydrated skin. Should not be kept in the fridge, may be slightly cloudy when cold. This is good as it will then show that it hasn’t gond through excessive filtering/refining. It should be a deep green colour. This is not a nut oil.

Grapeseed: A good second choice carrier especially for those whose skin seems not to absorb other oils very quickly. It does not leave a greasy feeling to the skin after application. Grape seeds are washed, dried, ground, and pressed with the aid of heat and sometimes refined. Heat is used because the seed has only ~13% oil in it.

Peach Kernel: Another good for all skin types, along with Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel oils, it is a rich and nourishing oil and similiar in chemical makeup.

Olive: Used in a 10% dilution, for rheumatic conditions, hair care and cosmetics.

Soya: Can be used 100% on all skin types. Rich in lecithin and one of the few foods to have all 22 health giving amino acids and vitamin A and B complex. The down side is that soya is liable to oxidation and can cause acne, allergic reactions and hair damage. Double downside is that much soya is now genetically modified.

Sunflower Seed: Can be used 100% Organic oil is cold pressed. “Kitchen” oil is probably solvent extracted and is not recommended for aromatherapy/massage.

Sesame Seed: Used as a 10% addition to main oils. Can assist with psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism, and arthritis.

Coconut: Usually deodorized for use in aromatherapy coconut oil can aid tanning and is reputed to filter the sun’s rays. Can cause a rash on some people.

Calendula: An infused oil. This Oil has an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, vulnerary (aiding healing of wounds) effect and so is very useful in its own right. The addition of essential oils enhance the effects of the oils together, (a synergistic effect). It also blends well with Hypericum.

Hypericum: Macerated oil from St Johns Wort. An anti-inflammatory oil. It is soothing and effective on wounds and is helpful in cases of neuralgia, sciatica and fibrositus. Blends well with Calendula.

Wheatgerm: Used 10% in a mixture. Helps eczema, psoriasis, prematurely aged skin, and slows down mixed blends of oils from deterioration.

Jojoba: A liquid wax rather than an oil, used as a 10% addition to other oils.

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